Take One Week and learn how to Worry No More

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Worry is the #1 killer of dreams!

It can stop us from taking the action we want and spin us into Procrastination & Overwhelm. It leads to stress, which compromises our immune system and depletes our energy.

In this program I uncover the real reason we worry—it's not your fault. There isn't something wrong with you.

But this isn't just 7 days of noting what worry really is or what causes worry. No, this is 7 days of prying Worry's fingers from our throat, heart and belly—loosening it's hold on our life.

If worry thinks it's helping you serve a purpose and yet I could help you find another way to meet your need without the stress, pain, headache and tummy ache of worry, wouldn't it be worth a shot?

Of course! So nothing to lose. Your energy, aliveness, and productivity to gain!

I made it as easy as possible—just sign up below and you're "in". Make sure you confirm your registration. Check your email and start your first lesson. Let's get started now!

Grace LaConte,

LOVED the sense of relief and centering around a subject that usually brings fear & frustration.

What You'll Get in Our 7-day Worry No More Challenge...

If you've ever suffered from worry, like I have, you'll find relief, courage and the will to pursue true freedom.


Daily Lessons

Build a new Worry-Free habit a baby step at a time....

Every day I will visit you in your email inbox and deliver a private message to help you engage a new way of being with your habit of Worry.

Each lesson will be short and help you change your day from Worry to Wow!


Daily Support

Meet me on our private Facebook page with questions and to receive support to keep your energy up and the Inner Critic quiet

I'll be dropping by our private Facebook page every day to help guide you with the tools and tips to help you stay on the proper side of the Law of Attraction—feeling eager, hopeful, and curious about the good things that are coming your way.

Participation in the group is entirely optional. I won't even add you to the group unless you ask me to. That way you can be as involved or private as is comfortable for you!


A printable checklist let's you track your progress and ensure you stay on task

This is another way to be self-guiding as you practice new tools to help you escape the suffering of Worry and step into a life of confidence and freedom!

It's as easy as checking a box and answering a gentle question in the morning—and checking a box in the evening. What could be simpler?

Marking your progress will ensure your progress so that in just 7 days you'll already feel better and ready for a new, worry-free life!

See What Some of My Past Clients Have Said About My Programs:

Thanks for being there with me on this journey. It would be lonely otherwise.

Dan G,

Deborah mixes the sensitivity of an energy healer with the earthy, grounded, no-nonsense attitude of a trusted friend.

Emily C,

How compassionate and loving Deborah's approach is.

Beth T, Portland 

I felt like a weight had been lifted...

Rebecca M,

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