I work with professionals, leaders, and teams to transform their response to challenging workplace dynamics, and persistent “negative” emotions, to reach lasting success when it matters most.

After a lifetime of work as a coach and mediator to high-level professionals, leaders, and sales people, I’ve come to know these 3 things for certain:

1. The best strategic solution is temporary at best, if there are unresolved emotional issues.

2. Every part is connected to the whole.

3. Emotions can be the doorway to the best solutions, forward motion, and innovation.

Our work gets to the root problem of dysfunctional, unsustainable patterns of thinking, being, and doing, so you and your team can finally progress to the next level of results.

Together, we discover the wisdom inherent in you (body, mind, spirit) and your organization (within different divisions and roles) to alleviate patterns of stress, worry, and chaos like never before.

Many happy clients share their biggest surprise-

“I never expected this work to be so fun.”

That’s right, finding a solution to break through your biggest emotional challenges- and most challenging relationships- does not have to be scary, or hard. You may feel happier than you have felt in years, and remember exactly why you started your work in the first place.

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