Who’ll Win Tea With The BEING Coach?

-I love my clients, and to show you how much, I’m going to take one lucky winner to tea or coffee, on me!

No matter where you are in the world, if you win, I’ll send you a box with your favorite tea or coffee inside to share with me when we meet by Skype, Google Hangout, or phone.

For one hour we can talk about anything you like while we enjoy our beverages. What’s something you always wished you could discuss with someone? Our conversation will be completely confidential so you can tell me your dreams, share your sorrows, shoot the breeze or even sing me a song!

How do you enter? Glad you asked. It’s simple, all you do is enter your name and tell me what beverage you would like, if you win. Do that here in the comments below, on my Facebook Page, or on my Events page. You may enter as often as you like. When you enter, you’ll be assigned a number and a random number generator will select the winner.

I’ll be live on a Google Hangout, Friday, August 28th, 5 pm to announce the lucky winner.

Enter now, enter often. I can’t wait to see who it is I get to share tea or coffee with in September!