Where The Path Beckons…

Have you ever felt the mixed up feelings of sadness at what is changing, passing away; and in the same moments lives a tender anticipation of something new coming into being?

Every change carries with it something released and something allowed. And yes, maybe some extra “sides” of fear, lust, grief, nervousness and yet joy too, if we’re being really honest with ourselves.

That’s me right now; straddling the uncertainty of change. I’m catching glimpses of a course correction in the direction of a more specific heading. I don’t know exactly what that looks like, but I’m living with the mixed up basket of feelings that go along with significant changes so I know something new is in the process of emerging.

Look for changes for The BEING Coach. I’m rebuilding my email list from the ground up — looking for a new way of interacting with those souls looking for an effective blend of practical and inspired solutions to life’s challenges. I want to be here to support those of you who are  looking deeply within for genuine answers to your own questions about how to live life on your own terms, in harmony with the highest and best for all.

And “spoiler”; I’m thinking it may have to do with supporting more of you who are helping, teaching, facilitating larger communities. Because, after all, who supports you; when you are supporting others?

And what about you? Are you feeling the “signs” (discomfort, fear, doubt, excitement, hope) of a change in your own life? Do you want to join the discussion of how to support yourself through the changes so you are free to “lean in” and live from a place that feels truly good, enough, and ….you fill in the blank. What is it you want most to feel in life, about your life?

I want to know, because sometimes change is fun and exciting and sometimes it’s also scary and just darn uncomfortable. And sometimes emotions run all over the place (at the most inconvenient times). And that can be uncomfortable too.

I want to help build a world where we know how to support our personal changes as part of a larger process of our Generous Creative nature, no longer labelling experiences “good” or “bad” but seeing beyond temporary experience to the coming expansion of our being-ness.

It’s happening in my life. So look for a changing energy and focus from The BEING Coach. And let me know about the changes in your life so I can celebrate before the fact, knowing that your opportunities are beckoning you, too, in the direction of a deeper dance with all of Life in all of its wondrous forms.

Happy Fall!



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