What To Do With An Over Abundance Of Ideas

“Creating abundance is not about creating a life of luxury for everybody on this planet; it’s about creating a life of possibility.”
Peter Diamandis

I’ve heard many a prosperity teacher say that the first sign of a positive shift in consciousness is the sudden abundance of new inspiration. Creativity increases. Ideas abound!

And with it often comes overwhelm. What should I do with all these great ideas? I can’t sleep for all the ideas! Is the Universe telling me to do this instead? It’s too much!

Frightened that it’s all happening too fast, we “step on the hose” and wonder where it all went…

I’m no more immune than you are.  I recognize that this sudden surge in creativity and inspiration is a sign that I’m on track for the change I want. And I wonder the same thing; what do I take action for now, and what needs to wait until later?

I’ve also learned I’m being offered an opportunity to sabotage, get distracted, or fall back into worry. While resisting feels like I’m slowing down, I’m actually cutting off the flow. So as hard as it is, I now affirm my appreciation for the abundance and say, “keep it comin'”!

Recently, I have experienced such an abundance overflow. I’ve been redesigning some of my programs and new programs began to make themselves known. In very short order, I had several pages of programs I could focus my time and attention toward.

I knew I couldn’t do it all. I’ve learned that when I split my attention too wide, nothing gets accomplished. I wasn’t feeling overwhelmed as much as I was feeling stubborn, refusing to let anything go. I knew I couldn’t say “yes” to all of them. But I didn’t want to say “no”.

One of my coaches suggested a “tactile approach” and I ran with it! What you see here is my Simmering Board. It’s a bit like a parking lot. But whereas a parking lot if full of cars that are sitting, waiting—my board is filled with programs that are still slowly cooking. Even while I’m not actively working on one of the programs personally, I trust the Universe to “watch the pot” and stir occasionally. I trust the Universe to make it known to me, when it’s time to get back to that “dish” and turn the heat up.

Made up of felt on board and fun colors and words that represent my program ideas, the board catches my eye every time I leave my office. It reminds me that work is happening behind the scenes for me.

Ever so often, I move the ideas around on the board in a way that allows me to “check in” with my current priorities and commitments. Some of these projects may come to the front, while others may lose their luster and leave.

I share this with you, not so you make your own board, though I encourage you to do so if it appeals to you, but to get your juices flowing! What could you make to look at or touch that you would find encouraging and comforting—and help you stay firmly focused on the good feeling side of Attention?

I want to hear from you!

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