Getting Started with Additional Resources

Manifest At Light Speed, An Introduction to Self-Coaching

Warning: If you have no desire to learn new skills, this book is not for you.

But if you want to learn how to master your own experience, more quickly and easily, you’re in luck!

If you’ve ever wished you had a personal coach you could take along with you to keep you on track, or that you could be your own coach when life gets a bit rough, then you’ll find plenty to start using right away inside!

This quick-read booklet tells you exactly what you need to begin to coach yourself in your daily life to create a life of your own design.Included, are an array of easy-to-use processes to help you engage your own Self-Coaching power anytime, anywhere.

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How To Make More Good Stuff Happen, A Work-Play-Book

Unleash the magic and power within you....... no matter your age or ability.

Play your way to the fulfillment of your desires, growing yourself in the most wonderful of ways along the journey.

Not just theory, How To Make More Good Stuff Happen, a Play-Work-Book, written by Deborah Ivanoff, MSC and daughter, Abigail Ivanoff, invite you to pick a goal or dream and use the book to step you through the actual process of manifesting that dream in your present reality.

Bring a well-meaning adult or friend along with you for an extra fun and rewarding journey.

Read more about how the book came into being here.