New Book Teaches Readers To Be Their Own Coach

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November 20th, 2016

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Deborah Ivanoff, The BEING Coach

New book teaches readers to be their own coach

Between 25 and 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies use executive coaches, according to the Hay Group, a major human-resources consultancy but personal coaching has been out of reach of the average person until now.

(PORTLAND, OR) – Coaching has been shown to develop the capabilities of high-potential performers, assist in navigating transitions, and improve the process of making behavioral changes according to the Harvard Business Review.

But many people have discovered that personal coaching typically costs between 300-800 per month leaving it out of reach of the average American.

All of that is about to change with the concept of Self-Coaching now being presented in a new book by Deborah Ivanoff, the BEING Coach.

Her latest book, Manifest At Light Speed, An Introduction to Self-Coaching was released this week to guide those who want the skills to make deliberate changes in their life anytime, anywhere, in doing so for themselves.

In a time when so much in the world is changing around us, the skills to navigate those changes and help us make the choices that will be the most effective has never been more needed”, says Ivanoff, a Certified Mediator and Master-Level Business Coach of over 17 years.

“Now more than ever I believe that people need the type of support to make the changes they want and live the life they desire. For that reason, my book will be free as a Kindle download this Thanksgiving on Amazon.”

Designed to be simple to use, Manifest At Light Speed, An Introduction to Self-Coaching, includes tools and processes to help readers start coaching themselves to a richer, more balanced life without delay.

DeborahHeadShotAevumOct2015!LinkedIn copyAbout The BEING Coach: Deborah Ivanoff is a Speaker, Certified Mediator and Master Business Coach who has worked with over 4000 realtors and high-level professionals across the globe, for over nearly two decades. With her “inner to outer” approach, Deborah’s happy clients and fans lovingly refer to her as “The Being Coach.” For more information, visit: http://thebeingcoach.com



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