How To Make Great Decisions Under Pressure

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.
Tony Robbins

Have you ever struggled with making decisions ? If so, I want to help you discover your own decision-making formula by opening your mind to the components of the most powerful decisions.

First I want to acknowledge the struggle involved in making decisions. It’s Fear that breeds the struggle —we fear change. We fear making a mistake. We fear the consequences of our decision.

Fear can be debilitating. Fight, flight or freeze forces overreacting—the knee jerk. Resistance, force, overreactions all stem from our past experience. This is no place from which to make a decision.

Three Power Strategies for Making Effective Decisions

1. Logic & Reason

I see most people trying to make decisions from logic or reason. They think that making decisions is about “figuring it out”. Using our abilities to reason is one way to make decisions—but not the only one. We have other options, as well.

Logic and reason tap into the power of the mind to understand and make judgments based on facts and figures. It might look like:

  • creating a pro/con list
  • creating a point system
  • seeking out expert advice
  • finding a model based on someone else’s success
  • seeking collaboration with peers

2. Intuition

Intuition, on the other hand, is the ability to understand something without obvious thinking. Intuition overrides the conscious or recognized system to “tell us something”. It is often considered to be associated with a “gut feeling” or body sensation. But I’ve seen it present in people to deliver it’s message in a variety of ways. How does Intuition show up for you?

It might not make “sense” to the reasoning mind, but I’ve seen people, over and over, make better and more powerful decisions when they use both their logical mind and their intuitive sense.

3. Inspiration (Creativity)

Inspiration (Creativity) is the third power strategy to engage when faced with a decision.

We think of Inspiration as a stimulation mentally. But it may be out other senses (clairs, emotions, synchronicities) and even channels of those senses thatInspiration’s gift is delivered. In fact, many people feel inspirations touch as if it’s coming or flowing through them or as a “download”—a gift bestowed.

Inspiration is strongly linked to new possibilities and innovation. Inspiration does not respond well to pressure, stress, deadines, emotional overload or fear. Perhaps this is why it can be difficult to connect to, and use our inspiration, when we feel like our back is against the wall. Inspiration often gives the impression that it cannot be forced—it comes when it comes.

But Inspiration can be stimulated. The processes of “brain storming”, “popcorning” and “blue skying” are examples of ways Inspiration can be stimulated.

The Key to Making the Best Decisions

The most potent way we can move into making powerful and effective decisions is to help ourselves move into a new mind.

Albert Einstein said:

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

A new mind will make the new choices and new decisions that will create new results.

So what puts you in a new mind? What puts you in a new mind?

Here are my thoughts to get to your best, new mind:

  • Know what you want, that’s what we call clarity
  • Know who you are
  • Get neutral, release your attachments to the situation and you will be able to see clearly
  • Log your results so you have a bigger set of data points from which to make assessments and future decisions

Let’s dive into those steps a bit more deeply.

Know what you want

When you know what you want, you have clarity about what you were aiming for. You have a personal ruler to use in making smaller decisions, in the direction of a larger choice.

It’s not about what you think you should want.

I’m sure each of you would have a story for me about a time you made a decision because you thought it was something that you should do. Maybe it was something that was expected of you. I’ll bet it never really got anywhere, or even had disastrous results—mostly because some part of you didn’t want to do it.

Making powerful decisions is about using what you know you want. And if you don’t yet know what you want, it’s about knowing what you don’t want. Then you can “flip it” around and get really clear about what you do want. Then you know where you’re aiming.

Know yourself

Where do your best decisions come from? Do they come from logic, intuition, inspiration? Your best decisions may even come from a combination of these.

Take a moment to think about what you use, now—Logic, Intuition, Inspiration? What could you use? What would you like to use?

See, already you’re working on a new mind!

Get neutral

Look at 2 to 3 options and work with them, look at them from different angles until you can be OK with any of them. Why would you do that? Well, when you can be OK with either or, or even all of them, the best option will make itself known.—particularly if you’ve done the last two steps which are to know what you’re aiming for and to know yourself.

Because you’ve worked to detach from “old thinking” around your choices, you have a far better chance of seeing-feeling clearly, which can lead you to the best choice at this time.

Log your results

Use a journal or log results in an app on your phone.

If writing isn’t your thing, you like to process through conversation, you can share them (with someone you trust) who will remember and help you the next time you are faced with an important decision.

How about a mastermind group—that’s another form of collaboration that can help you stay accountable and act as a reflection tool when you need to make decisions another time?

The important thing is to record your results in any manner that is going to be available to you and jog your memory the next time you have a decision to make.

Here’s a powerful question you can use to help you with your next decision:

What could work even better for me next time?

Your Perfect Decision-Making Process

Your perfect decision process is going to be unique to you. It will change. It will evolve as you grow. It will require the willingness to experiment and make some mistakes—that’s how learning results.

It’s going to be an ideal combination, ideal to you, of logic & reason, intuition, and inspiration.

So experiment and record. Find your own perfect little formula that you can follow and revise. Then you won’t have to fall into the fear, the uncertainty, or the overreaction that most default to.

I would love to know what you are using to help you make decisions that work even better for you! (post below)

Blessings as you head out into the world to make some powerful new decisions for yourself!


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  • Delaram

    Dear Deborah, Your four decision making tips and tricks is helping me thru change and kitchen remodel! Thank You! Love, Delaram

    • Deborah Ivanoff

      What a fun way to use the decision making process. Thanks for sharing Delaram! Glad it came up at just the right time!



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