How To Cultivate Powerful Referral Partners W/Mark Hiatt And Deborah Ivanoff

Come join me with Mark Hiatt, CEO of Your Networking Universe and Your Networking University, for a series of live BLABs looking at how we can identify and nurture powerful referral partners.

Both Mark and I come from the mindset of giving first and investing in our relationships. However, I have heard from clients that they may still experience a level of frustration around lead and networking relationships. How can we create relationships that truly are a win, win?

That’s the question Mark and I are exploring in a series of BLAB conversations Tuesdays at 3 pm PST. Feel free to come join us. We’d love to share in that conversation. And here’s our first BLAB to open things up:

New to BLAB, don’t know how to get started? Great article here: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/how-to-get-started-on-blab-group-video-broadcasting-for-marketers/

Just be sure to follow @deborahivanoff and @markbhiatt on BLAB and you’ll be notified when we begin. Hope to see you there!


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