How To Get And Keep The Mindset That Will Get You Your Goals In 2017! Coldwell Banker Allstars, January 4, 2016

On January 4th, 2017 Deborah Ivanoff, The BEING Coach, will be presenting “How To Get and Keep the Mindset that Will Get You Your Goals in 2017!” to Coldwell Bankers Allstars in Norwalk, California.

In this presentation, she will cover:

  • The tricky truth about setting big goals, stretching yourself, and challenging your income ceiling (and the real reason you get stuck at that frustrating, but familiar plateau)
  • A simple strategy to become a magnet to money, opportunity, and joy
  • A proven process to overcome the Fear, Doubt, and Worry that can keep you always under performing, no matter how much you want to get to the “next level”

Deborah Ivanoff is an Author, Master Coach, and Certified Mediator, who has worked with over 4000 REALTORS and high -level professionals across the globe, for over nearly two decades. Her signature approach addresses the root challenges that keep most high – achieving people from the success and fulfillment they know they deserve. By resolving core issues of overwhelm, procrastination, and worthiness, Deborah’s clients become magnets to confidence, practical solutions, and opportunities everywhere they go – without force, guilt, or shame.

With her “inner to outer” approach, Deborah’s happy clients and fans lovingly refer to her as “The Being Coach.”


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