3 Tips In 3 Minutes for Mastering Your Time

Register here: thebeingcoach.com/3-secrets-to-managing-your-time THIS EVENT IS PAST Do you find yourself saying “There’s too much to do”, “there’s never enough time”, “I can’t get it all done”? I’m hearing from clients that there is work to be had and money to be made but it involves more paperwork, more running around and more time invested in […]



Why We Experience Resistance & What It Looks Like, Exploring BEING THE SOLUTION

Most Tuesdays, Jackie Pasciak, Certified BEING THE SOLUTION Instructor, and I meet, early, to discuss the tools and teachings from the work of Darel Rutherford, author of BEING THE SOLUTION. In this episode of Exploring BEING THE SOLUTION, Jackie Pasciak and Deborah Ivanoff, Instructors, discuss the many forms that Resistance can take and why it […]

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