The Secret To Manifestation…and It’s Not What You’re Thinking

I know, I’m speaking blasphemy here! Everyone knows “thoughts create things”, “You get what you think about”, and “your thoughts create your reality”. And that may be true, but it’s not true as well. And I think it high time someone said so. “Our human minds, through long periods of social conditioning, have been taught […]



What Women Really Need To Be Seen, Heard And Understood; In Business And The Office

There’s a lot of press being given to Vulnerability and Authenticity, and how these relate to Confidence and Success. But today, along with two other Visibility Experts, Cindy Hooker, Women’s Leadership Coach, Gold Dog Consulting and Jeany Park, Visibility Coach, Compass Rose Video we exposed what’s really going on behind the struggle most women have […]



What Are You Brave Enough To Ask For?

I picked this book up at the library. It literally fell into my hands as I was looking over the Lucky Day titles (you all know how much I love those little Synchronicities). But I’ve been a bit nervous to crack the cover. I’ve been challenging myself; deeply examining my own beliefs about giving and receiving, […]

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