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Meet Jackie Pasciak,
Certified Being Coach and Being The Solution Instructor
Meet Deborah Ivanoff,
Certified Being Coach Instructor and Being the Solution Instructor

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Being the Solution Resources

John Harricharan, author of The Power Pause, gave Darel Rutherford, author of Being the Solution his blessing to include his process, The Power Pause in both Darel's books and courses. So what is The Power Pause. Listen in as Certified Being Coaches Instructor, Deborah Ivanoff explains The Power Pause.

Follow along and use the recording to gain clarity about what you want as a goal to practice The Power Pause yourself.

Want to try it yourself? Follow along and practice The Power Pause with Deborah.

A special version of The Power Pause recorded by NAME, TITLE, Language.

Want to read John Harricharan's book yourself? Visit Amazon here.

One of Darel's most powerful teaching includes a very special visualization called The Lighthouse. Want to practice it? Listen in with the recording.

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