I want you to get the results and make the progress you want during our time together. So I’ve compiled a few tips to help you before, during and even after we have completed our coaching sessions to support you and the changes you have made.

Coaching begins the moment you make the commitment to yourself.

This usually begins when we schedule our first call and you make your first payment. An energetic, time and financial commitment can trigger the process and you may begin to notice changes even before our first session.

Before our first session.

I will send you two things; a commitment letter that outlines your program and a questionnaire. The questionnaire is for you. It helps you gather your focus to begin the process. you’ll see I remind you that you may write as much or as little. There is no right or wrong way to complete the questionnaire.

The questionnaire has a second purpose. It allows us to get started and make progress much more quickly. Many clients say it’s like getting a bonus coaching session.

Our first session.

During our first session I will want to be sure we both have a clear idea of what we want to accomplish in the number of sessions and time we have to work together. Further, we’ll set benchmarks so we can clearly see when we have accomplished our goals.

During each session.

I will start each session with a quick check-in and a brief centering. I will ask you what, specifically, you want to take away or accomplish during our time together. And I will gently bring us back to be sure we’re working toward the main goal that brought you to coaching, redesigning the goal from what we’ve learned, or taking a side bar to deal with any resistance that has arisen.

At our last session.

We will take some time to evaluate, reassess, and most importantly; create a plan of support for you to continue to get value from what you’ve learned, accomplished, and uncovered.

After completion of your coaching package.

Support will continue via email reminders and my newsletter. You may want to consider joining my Manifesting Elite Support Program which includes two live, interactive web-teleconference presentations and Q&A. (this program has been discontinued)

Tips to make the most of your coaching with The BEING Coach.

1. Listen to the recording of your session a second time.

In particular, listen to what you say on the recording. Look for inspiration, truth, guidance that is coming out of your own words that provide a message for you. Often we are channeling Wisdom or Guidance to ourselves when speaking and we might miss it.

It’s good to revisit what you said you were taking away so you put it into practice. The energy of the fearful-ego-critic is strong and it will try its best to “put us back to sleep” and keep us in our old ways and habits of behaving. Don’t allow that. Listening again, reinforces the learning and more importantly, the (new) actions you said you will take.

If questions come up, or you don’t understand anything you hear, be sure and reach out by phone or email. I’m here to support you!

2. Be your own detective.

Be on the lookout for evidence that you are changing in the way you want. Notice your new behaviors. Notice new opportunities. Notice your energy levels. Keep a Positive Evidence list or journal if that will help you stay focused on the positive effect your time, energy and focus on your commitment to yourself is unfolding in your world.

Be on the lookout too, for the voice of the “inner critic” or for those people who reflect the “inner critic” in the outer world. If you are experiencing “kickback” from your changes, contact me right away for support.

Remember that this, too, is actually powerful evidence that you are in the middle of the change process you began. Taking good care of your physical body can help soothe your way through the transition from “who you were” to “who you are becoming”.

You’re not alone. Ask for support. Particularly if you are feeling the desire to hide or escape, get in touch with me right away. This is a sure sign that the ego-critic is bullying you. I’m here to help.

3. Lean into the process.

The most important, and tender part of the coaching process is when our sessions are complete. This is the time you need support the most so that you keep your changes. Make a commitment to revisit what you’ve learned and what you moved to implement.

Get support with others. Join or start a mastermind to keep the conversation going with others who are “on the path” of setting and achieving goals. Sign up for another class that you can apply what you learned using the structure of that class. Get a “study buddy” and read/discuss a book that is in alignment with what you’ve discovered in your sessions. Join a group that is focused on the area of interest to you that unfolded during your coaching.

The mistake most people make (and I’ve done it myself…) is to relax, coast, take a break. And that’s when the learning slips away. I want you to keep everything your learned and discovered and build on it. You may not want or need another intensive program, but let me help you find a way to maintain what you have accomplished that fits your needs.

Client Appreciation

I continue to build ways to interact and help keep learning alive and useful to my clients. So read your newsletter (you may unsubscribe at any time). Keep your eye out for upcoming free review webinars, blog articles and specials that can provide the support and review to help you use the investment in coaching to continue making the positive changes you seek.

I do appreciate you! I honor you for your brilliance, your courage, your inspiration and for just being you!

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