How To Help Your Referral Partner Help You Build Your Business

Date: Monday, April 17th, 2017

Time: 11:30 – 1:30 pm

Where:  Professional Connections

Address: Worksource Washington, 204 SE Stone Mill Dr, Suite 215, Vancouver, WA

Contact: Nina Cammann

Presentation Title: How to Help Your Referral Partner Help You Build Your Business


Are you getting all the referrals you want from your 1-on-1 introductions and power partners?

Would you like to get more?

Do you ever feel a little disappointed with the time and energy you spend networking?

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Come join Deborah Ivanoff, The BEING Coach, Secret Weapon of many Sales Top Performers for:

How to Help Your Power Partner Help You Build Your Business

In this presentation you will learn:

1. How to quickly tell if someone is a good match for you as a power partner

2. Who you must be to help a power partnership work for you

3. How to help make it easy and rewarding for your power partner to give you referrals, so they’ll refer over and over again

Deborah’s presentations are always interactive and this will be no different. In fact, you’ll be walking away with tailored tips to use in growing a power partner network that can really work for you!

Materials include a guided notes handout.

Program Length: 30 minutes includes Q&A

Guest Speaker, Deborah Ivanoff is an Author, Master Coach, and Certified Mediator, who has worked with over 4000 REALTORS and high-level professionals across the globe, for over nearly two decades.

Her signature approach addresses the root challenges that keep most high-achieving people from the success and fulfillment they know they deserve. By resolving core issues of overwhelm, procrastination, and worthiness, Deborah’s clients become magnets to confidence, practical solutions and opportunities everywhere they go- without force, guilt, or shame.

With her “inner to outer” approach, Deborah’s happy clients and fans lovingly refer to her as “The Being Coach.”

She speaks and writes frequently about how to achieve your most important goals- the easy way. Read more at http://thebeingcoach.com


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