3 Powerful Ways To Get Control Of Your Calendar & Easily Get More Done!

Monthly Business Clinic – hosted by Strategic Business Association

February Guest Speaker is Deborah Ivanoff,
The BEING Coach

3 Powerful Ways to Get Control
Of Your Calendar & Easily Get More Done!

Deborah Ivanoff, The BEING Coach, Secret Weapon of many Top 1%ers, will guide you in taming your out-of-control calendar, bringing order and balance to your daily activities, and help you get more done, especially when you are under a deadline, than you ever thought possible.
In this presentation, you will learn:
1. The hidden factor that causes us to lose control of our calendars and its remedy (it’s not your fault).
2. 3 techniques to prioritize in a way to help you actually complete the tasks!
3. A secret tool that will ensure you accomplish more than ever before (people always rave about this).

The Strategic Business Association’s mission is to bring business professionals, business owners, business speakers, and/or business students together to communicate, collaborate, educate, and motivate others in business development.
On the 4th Saturday of every month, we have a 3-hour clinic with laser coaching and mastermind collaboration to find resolutions to business challenges.

Brain-dumping, brainstorming and brain pumping. Educating, collaborating and motivating each other in business.

Comments (2)

  • Dawn Hartwell

    What an amazing presentation. There were so many “Ahh Haa” moments for everyone. Much gratitude for the opportunity to work with you.

    Much value and mind blowing information!

    • Deborah Ivanoff

      What a wonderful group! Each and every woman there exuded such passion and joy for their business. They were so eager to help and support one another. Very special!



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