1-on-1 Coaching With Deborah Ivanoff, The BEING Coach

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Most sessions are 50 minutes, held by phone. Our work together begins with a questionnaire, that you fill out and I read before our first meeting so we insure clarity on the goal of our working together and have benchmarks firmly set to track our progress.

During our time working together, our focus will be on unraveling emotional and energetic tangles, getting to inspired solutions, renegotiating and healing old stories and patterns from the past (in ourselves and with others), and designing the next steps that will be of most value.

My intention is to support you and help you activate your own inner-coaching compass. I strive to tailor any work we do together to your personal style and sensibilities. To that end, we start by discovering what you may not realize is already working, or what has worked in the pat that you can easily tweak to serve you moving forward.

Most clients who see the biggest results coach for at least 90 days; meeting 2-4 times a month. It is not necessary, but I do have clients who enjoy coaching so much that they have coached with me for years. If you asked them, they would tell you they enjoy the speed and ease it affords them.

From any 1-on-1 program you can easily launch into a support program, a 6-month Intensive Mastermind or a seasonal course such as the popular BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS.

Below, you will find a typical response to a coaching session:

“I spent a magical hour on the phone this morning with Deborah Ivanoff, The BEING Coach. In preparation, she sent a list of questions which I answered and returned to her. Our conversation was based on my life and needs – no “one size fits all” help. This is the second time that I had a session with Deborah, and both times I came away with personal insights that are proving to be life changing. She is a great listener and was able to get to the heart of my concerns and feelings. I would not hesitate to recommend her for anyone who wants to better understand themselves and how that understanding can help them in their businesses and in everyday life events. Thanks, Deborah!!”

Bonny Nickens, Bonny’s Helping Hands, Portland, OR

Here are questions that come up about my coaching programs and classes:

Coaching FAQs
Questions You Should Ask Any Coach Before Choosing To Work With Them

Can I connect with you between sessions if I need to?

Of course; you may always email me. I do my best to answer emails within 24 hours if I am not traveling. For quick questions (such as scheduling) you may text me, or call. Again I answer these as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

Do you offer a discount if I purchase a block of session up front?

I do offer a number of packages and bundles that offer significant savings over purchasing sessions individually. This serves two purposes. It makes it more affordable to get the care and support you are wanting, and it helps you get the support you need to make your changes stick, long-term.

How do I know if I should work with you privately or in a group setting?

I find that working privately with me is better for most people who want to make very deep changes that involve healing work, those who need transforming of more stubborn patterns and emotional tangles, or people who are extremely audio-verbal (they process by telling their story and hearing themselves, and integrate by speaking back what they are learning).

Working in a group is a great way to raise your energy, learn and get additional support in a synergetic setting that includes others. Those in the group often comment on how much they learned from others. And most find that having others easily hold the energy of your desires, even when you are experiencing doubt, can keep your manifesting moving forward, even if you stumble just a bit. If you enjoy learning and processing a bit more quietly, slowly and independently, a group may be a better fit.

If you are still unclear; a great way to test which works better for you is to book a half-hour, laser coaching and then attend one of my special teleclasses. This allows you to try both kinds of work, and see what works best for you.

How are your classes different from working with you one-one one?

When I work with you one-on-one, I am focused only on you and your specific situation. I am tailoring my insights and recommendations to your personal goal.

When I work with classes or groups, I start with a basic tool or process and mold it to fit those in the group, based on what people tell me they need and the questions that are posed. Classes/groups often include additional homework between class days.

What if I can’t decide or I want both, classes and coaching?

I encourage students or group members to also coach one-on-one about specific issues and situations that arise during the transformation process. To help make this option more affordable, I offer a discounted rate for one-on-one coaching for current students enrolled in one of my programs, such as my mastermind or 7-week courses.

What if a class and coaching is too much?

I find that one-on-one coaching supports and eases the transformation and learning process sparked by a group or course taken. Just as someone can request a massage to work more deeply or be lighter to simply ease the body; so it is with coaching and I always follow the clients preference. You choose the depth and speed of any work we do together.

What if coaching so often is too much?

Sometimes, due to work/family responsibilities or a person’s learning style, it does make sense to agree to a tailored coaching schedule that spaces one-on-one coaching closer together or further apart.

What if coaching that long is too much?

What I have found, studying the transformation process is that it’s never a question of coaching too long, but if one coaches for too brief of a time, the changes they desire; both on the inside and the outer results they want, won’t “stick” and they’ll slide back to where they were.

This is why, ideally, I recommend coaching for at least 90 days, though longer coaching does result in an easier, more pronounced, and longer-lasting result.

How do I decide how often to coach?

It is best to schedule a 20-minute (no charge) assessment to look at your personal situation, what you want to achieve and how fast you want to achieve it to help in the decision of how often and how long to meet with me.

Do you offer sliding scale or probono?

I do offer limited sliding scale, scholarship and probono opportunities (when available) to those willing to apply and interview. Please contact me if you are interested in this option.

How is coaching with you different from going to a counselor?

I find my clients are less interested in “why” they are experiencing what they are (though they may discover that information as well during our time together) and “what” they can begin doing right away to move in the direction of what they want to experience.

What if I can’t make it to a session? May I reschedule?

I will reschedule appointments once, if I am notified at least 48 hours in advance. These reschedules are subject to my availability. Missed appointments can not be rescheduled or refunded.

How do I schedule? How do I pay for my sessions?

I accept major credit cards (including American Express), pay pal, and checks. Sessions must be paid for at the time of booking to confirm the appointment. You may contact me to book, or book yourself using my convenient vCita System: http://bit.ly/TBCSessions

Classes/Groups with Deborah Ivanoff, The BEING Coach

If I take a class, can I still coach with you?

Absolutely, in fact I recommend getting the support you need in one-on-one coaching to go deeper and tailor processes to your exact needs.

Is there a discount if I’m already taking a class?

To help make this option more affordable, I offer a discounted rate for one-on-one coaching for current students enrolled in one of my programs, such as my mastermind or 7-week course.

What is the difference between your classes and your masterminds?

Masterminds are best for those wanting to make big changes quickly because the participation helps you hold your intentions through the energy of the group, even when your own energy might waver. Participants, each share every week. If you are a verbal or auditory learner, this is a better option for you.

Classes are best when you love learning independently and want to interact with the information a bit more on your own. Participants do not always get a chance to share every class. This is a good option for those who are a bit more shy or who like to listen more than participate.

In both cases you have the opportunity to add additional one-on-one support (coaching) to deepen your experience.

How do I decide if it’s better to be in a class or work with you one-on-one?

It is best to schedule a 20-minute (no charge) assessment to look at your personal situation, your learning style and history and what format might work the best for what you want to manifest, how you want to manifest it, and how fast you want the process to be.

Do you offer Scholarships for your classes?

I do offer limited scholarship opportunities (when available) to those willing to apply and interview. Please contact me if you are interested in this option.

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