What Women Really Need To Be Seen, Heard And Understood; In Business And The Office

There’s a lot of press being given to Vulnerability and Authenticity, and how these relate to Confidence and Success.

But today, along with two other Visibility Experts, Cindy Hooker, Women’s Leadership Coach, Gold Dog Consulting and Jeany Park, Visibility Coach, Compass Rose Video we exposed what’s really going on behind the struggle most women have to be seen, and at the same time “not seen”.

Wow! A great conversation!

Please enjoy the replay where we uncover women’s subversive power to create their own worlds, and the need for us to be one another’s advocates. There is enough. And we can grow and learn at our own pace.

Find Cindy Hooker, Gold Dog Consulting here.

And Jeany Park, Compass Rose Video here.

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