Where In The World Is Deborah?

“When you think your life is falling apart,
it’s usually falling together in disguise.”​​​​​​​

Charlotte Eriksson

Have you wondered where I am lately? I know I haven’t been on social media or showing up at networking events much lately. I’ve been quiet and withdrawn from most of what was my usual mode of operation.

Since my last blog post, I have moved twice, let go much of the past I was holding on to (both internally and literally) celebrated the retirement of a dear friend, the marriage of another, and said goodbye to a favorite pet.

I haven’t yet caught my breath.

Life’s Changes Can Turn Up The Heat on Our Personal Goals

The changes on the outside caught me by surprise, so much so that it stirred up even more changes in my inner life and the form of my business.

So, I’m choosing to use the events and weather of my life to provide a backdrop for retreat and reinvention. I’ll admit, so far it seems as if more is falling apart than coming together. And I have more questions than answers. But this period of my life is affording me the opportunity to start from scratch instead of trying to build on top of what has been.

I hear I’m not the only one. I’m hearing many stories, from clients, friends, even strangers I meet about times of renewal and renaissance.

Are You Experiencing A Life Change?

How about you? Crisis of faith recently? Illness? Challenge? Breakdown?
Then maybe something new is in the process of becoming in your life, as well. Did you get clear about something in your life, what you want, what you don’t want?

True intentions are manifesting more quickly than ever before, I’m finding. When you say “I want it fast“, the Universe is listening and delivering more quickly than ever. But the accelerated falling apart to come back together can feel very disconcerting, frightening–even like something is wrong.

Me? I’m setting aside everything I thought I knew about how business and service could or should be done and opening to what might be, what is wanting to become, and my part in it all.

I’ve had recent opportunity to be with clients who have impressed me with their courage and commitment to their unfolding life, even when they don’t know what that will mean or what it will look like on the other side. And if you don’t yet know how that can wind up the ego-critic-saboteur when he/she/it gets that whiff of change, then you aren’t there yet.

In the meantime, you may see me around town in unexpected places. I have been exploring new avenues of working with community, children and pets in a variety of other ways than my usual.

See You One The Other Side

I’m curious to see what Inspiration has in store for me. It’s so obvious that something less-than-usual is going on and though I’m getting lots of guidance about taking care of myself, healing physically and emotionally, staying the course, and being with what’s here now–I’m not getting any hints (yet) about the immediate or even more long-term future and my role in the greater unfolding.

If you can relate, feel lost or alone and need support I am still taking a very limited number of clients every month and we can talk about whether “being coaching” is what would support you at this time or what might support you better. I want anyone going through the larger change process to feel they are supported.

Comments (2)

  • Deb Lennon

    Hi Deb~
    So interesting (but not unexpected) that just recently you came across in my thoughts and it ocurred to me that I hadn’t seen any recent posts from you……I am wishing you well on this journey you’re on.
    You’ve been such an inspiration to me over the years and truly helped in a number of ways. I too, had recently decided that I was just not really getting “unstuck” from the losses in my life over the last 5-6 years~isn’t that too long to be muddled?????
    I got a referral for a local therapist and after one meeting, am intrigued feel like I’m on a more positive path. And reminding myself that life’s journey don’t ever stop, they just go thru natural ebb and flow~but seeking more joy in life has never felt more important.
    I’ll look for more about what/where your path leads you, and one of these days, I’d love to meet you on my way coming or going to my brothers down in Salem!

  • Deborah Ivanoff

    Thank you so much for checking in, Debbie. It’s so great to hear from you, hear about what is showing up in your life!

    I’m glad you’ve found some local support. It’s so very important that we have some (trusted) outer eyes to help us with the journey, I’ve found. I don’t think there’s a time moritorium on being “muddled”. I think we crack and open when we’re “ripe” and ready to do the “work” of Clarity and (new) Choice. So now is just your time? And what better time than this, eh?

    Yes, I do hope we get to meet up in person. I would love the opportunity to greet the love and light that is called “Debbie Lennon” in person. I have no future “plans” for the future, over and above caring for myself as it sounds you are caring for you. And I have no doubt that when it’s in the best interest of both of us (for our growth) and the growth of the world, we will find ourselves together in the same time and space. 🙂

    In the meantime, my very best wishes for you, your life, your business, your journey. I support you in the clearings you are are embracing, and know you will find real value in a lighter, clearer “you”! So great to hear from you. Thanks again for checking in.