How A Real Life SuperMom Juggles It All! BLAB REPLAY

On Monday, May 23rd I had the honor of stealing a few moments with a very special, very busy, Parisjat Banomyong Umscheid on BLAB. Parisjat is a wife and mother, a fitness coach, a chef of healthy Thai food, an enormous contributor to her business and greater community and as if that were not enough, she’s been training for American Ninja! Cherry on top? She’s one of the nicest, most enthusiastic people you’d ever meet.

I know, amazing! I just had to know her “secret” and I’ll bet you’d like to as well. Here’s the replay below where I asked Parisjat such questions as:

  • Do you have a guiding philosophy to help you juggle your life, and would you share it?
  • What are 3 tips that might help others who are trying to juggle it all?
  • What is the most important lesson you have learned along your journey as a mom, business woman, community advocate and Ninja Warrior?



Here’s what I got from our conversation:

  • When you have so much to do, don’t try to think of it all. It’ll only slow you down.
  • Know where you stand, what your values are. Learn to say “no”.
  • Go with your gut. It will tell you what’s important and what is not.
  • Listen to your body. You have to know your limits.
  • Do not sweat the small stuff! (and if you can’t, not sweat the small stuff; tap into your support and resources).

Thanks again Parisjat for taking just a few moments with me to inspire and encourage others.

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