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How It Works

Your Membership includes:

  • Your choice. Two, 1-hour calls per month. Come to one, or come to both. Two different days and times.
  • Secret Facebook Community Page. Post your manifesting questions, declare your goals, practice the language of the Universe; Giving and Receiving.
  • Exclusive Resource Page that includes all recordings, bonus, and materials in one easy to access spot.​
  • Private Vision Incubator​
  • ​Email Q&A
  • Special pricing on The BEING Coach events, programs and coaching​ (save 20-70% on products and services)
  • Bonus: Additional Office Hour Group Coaching once a month!​

LOVED the sense of relief and centering around a subject that usually brings fear & frustration

Grace LaConte

I realized I was falling back into the grind with my return to the corporate world. I took the advice from the call to dig into my "why". I'm now listening to the resistance recording and it is spot on. Thanks for being there with me on this journey. It would be lonely otherwise.

Dan Gardner 

Ever Wish You Had Someone To Guide You When The Fear & Doubt Got Stirred Up?

I've been studying the "transformation process" for over 20 years and I've learned a few things:

1. We often misinterpret what is occurring in our life as a sign that our manifesting is not working, and then unwittingly undo our progress.

This is where having good objective eyes and those who continue to see us with confidence, see us at our very best, can help us move forward even when we feel we're being pulled backwards.

2. It's easy to manifest. It can prove harder to keep what we create.

After we've changed to become the person who acts and earns new results, there's a tender time where the inner critic-ego-drunk monkey can be very sneaky about pulling us back to our old ways. I've designed this membership program to help us keep the constant vigilance necessary as we continue to practice and own the new reality we've created.

3. Resisting "negative" thoughts and feelings doesn't work. But there are tools to resolve, shift and realign to our true aim.

These are the very kind of tools we'll be exploring in the Manifesting Elite Membership Program each month. With all calls recorded, even if you can't make every call, the opportunity to shift your energy is available live, recorded, and to repeat as needed.

Why is Support Necessary to the Manifestation and Change Process?

Support isn't absolutely necessary. I'm guessing you've pulled off some miracles in your day with little help, on your own. I have too.

And hey, I could move a piano from one room to another...if I had to. But why work that hard; nudging first one side and then the other, over and over? That's the hard, slow, lonely way. Why not get a few more sets of hands and move the whole piano quickly and easily?

That's what I think the right kind of support can offer you; a way to do what you want in a way that is easier, quicker and feels better too!

Here's What's Included in Your Membership

Your Choice. Two, 1-Hour Calls Every Month by Teleconference Bridge or Webinar

You choose which call you want to come to each month for accountability check-in, progress anchoring, inspirational tools to overcome resistance, and support to keep you on track and moving forward.

If you want to want to come to both calls, you may do that as well! You have the freedom to use the information in real time, or review at your leisure. Call from your phone or computer. Stay muted and listen or raise your hand to participate, share, ask questions.

Main program calls will be held:

First Thursday at 9 am PST (9PT/10MT/11CT/noonET)

Third Tuesday at 7 am PST (7PT/8MT/9CT/10ET)

This years topics will include:

Exposing Old Stories To Make New Choices
How to Stop Stressing For Good
The Secret Weapon of The Highly Success
Break Through Your Personal Ceiling
How to Create A Life With Consistent Income
How to Attract Luck and Miracles
The Key to Unlock the Floodgates of Abundance
How to Make Effective Decisions
...and much, much more!

Need to see all the dates and times in one place?

Thursday, January 5th, 9am
Tuesday, January 17th, 7am
Friday, January 27th, 7 am
Thursday, February, 2nd, 9am
Tuesday, February, 21st, 7am
Friday, February, 24th, 7 am
Thursday, March, 2nd, 9am
Tuesday, March, 21st, 7am
Friday, March, 24th, 7 am
Thursday, April, 6th, 9am
Tuesday, April, 18th, 7am
Friday, April, 28th, 7 am
Thursday, May, 4th, 9am
Tuesday, May, 16th, 7am
Friday, May, 26th, 7 am
Thursday, June, 1st, 9am
Tuesday, June, 20th, 7am
Friday, June, 23rd, 7 am
Thursday, July, 6th, 9am
Tuesday, July, 18th, 7am
Friday, July, 28th, 7 am
Thursday, August, 3rd, 9am
Tuesday, August, 15th, 7am
Friday, August, 25th, 7 am
Thursday, September, 7th, 9am
Tuesday, September, 19th, 7am
Friday, September, 22nd, 7 am
Thursday, October, 5th, 9am
Tuesday, October, 17th, 7am
Friday, October, 27th, 7 am
Thursday, November, 2nd, 9am
Tuesday, November, 21st, 7am
Friday, November, 17th, 7 am (due to Thanksgiving)
Thursday, December, 7th, 9am
Tuesday, December, 19th, 7am
Friday, December, 22nd, 7 am

Resource Page

Each call is recorded so that even if you miss part of any call you'll be able to listen later; learning just what you most need when you listen. Many of my client say they hear something new that seems just what they needed to most hear.

Weekly Tips to Stay Motivated and Manifesting

Delivered to you inbox each week; short tips and reminders of ways to stay focused on your goals in a way that keeps your head in the game and your energy positive.

Secret Community Facebook Group Page

Here you're encouraged to share your declarations and wins so we can celebrate with you, and see what you want as "already done"; if those acts help you stay atuned to your goal.

Some people have found that declaring their goals creates an inner shift, when done with those who hold their goals to a high standard, and keeps them aiming in a focused and intentional manner.

Private Vision Incubator

If you are someone who experiences more of what you want manifesting if you keep your goal to yourself, or only with those who can hold your vision in confidence, I have something very special for you. A special book listing your goals and visions that I, personally, meditate over, and hold energy for, with confidence, so that you feel the strength of support without having to share you goals directly.

Email Q&A

Have a question about anything we covered in our calls that didn't get answered? No fear, you may email me directly and get the answer. You may even be invited to participate in a video recording of my answer to benefit others in the group. These answers will then be added to our resource page.

There's More! Office Hour/Group Coaching

In addition to our two presentation calls per month, you get one hour each month where I'll be on the open line to answer whatever questions you have. And you have two different times to choose from to attend so you never have to miss!

When You Sign Up For The Manifesting Elite 12 month Membership Now, You'll Get:

  • All of the features and benefits listed above
  • Access to any bonus offered in the year 2017 to new month-to-month members

I am committed to supporting you!

You will learn each and every month. But this membership program is about much more than simply learning.It's about you getting the support you need to integrate everything you want to do and be. It's about helping you get what you want, done.

And it's about moving through the change process with it's temptations to backslide, derail and slip; with more ease, more flow, more grace.

I want that consistency and focus for you!

Invest In Supporting Your Growth and Manifesting Mastery with a Membership in

A very special invitation, price and bonus for those of you ready to act now and make 2017 your best year ever!

$57 per month (plus $10 registration)

Pay the first month and registration and the following months will be completed automatically.

Have a Question For Me?

If for whatever reason you're still not sure if this program is right for you,
and you have a question for me about the program I will be available at 503-908-0390.

Just $57/month

Call now to discuss whether the Manifesting Elite Support Program
would be the right fit for you and your goals.
If it's not, I'll let you know and together we can brainstorm the next step or resource that can help.

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