How To Become You Own Hero, Thursday, July 27th, 2017, North Clackamas Chamber Of Commerce

Welcome! Are you the kind of person who wants to serve the world (and make money doing it), but feel held back only by familiar feelings of fear, doubt and worry?

Would you like to release the burden of guilt you feel when you are not fully “there” with the people that matter most, whether that be with your family and/or your work relationships?

Have you noticed people looking to you, asking more of you, holding you up as a model, but you’re still feeling like you’re struggling and don’t deserve their admiration or praise?

Hi, I’m Deborah Ivanoff, a Master Business Coach who has worked with executives, entrepreneurs and real estate agents for almost two decades.

I’ve helped incredible, high-level people like you:

    • struggling to break their income ceiling, attain top 1% of their salesforce status
    • create a more balanced life so they can excel at work and yet don’t miss a moment with their growing children
    • manifest money, freedom and confidence goals
    • attract and keep committed partners
    • stand up and speak their truth from power and compassion—yes, even to their closest family, even when they’ve suffered woundings at the hands of those they must face.

Interested in learning more about me, or how I work?

Or if you’re ready to answer the call to “breakthrough”, you can set up a consultation by clicking the Contact tab, Schedule Now Button below and choose the option “Let’s Get To Know One Another”.

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Comments (2)

  • Deb Lennon

    Hi Deb~
    So interesting (but not unexpected) that just recently you came across in my thoughts and it ocurred to me that I hadn’t seen any recent posts from you……I am wishing you well on this journey you’re on.
    You’ve been such an inspiration to me over the years and truly helped in a number of ways. I too, had recently decided that I was just not really getting “unstuck” from the losses in my life over the last 5-6 years~isn’t that too long to be muddled?????
    I got a referral for a local therapist and after one meeting, am intrigued feel like I’m on a more positive path. And reminding myself that life’s journey don’t ever stop, they just go thru natural ebb and flow~but seeking more joy in life has never felt more important.
    I’ll look for more about what/where your path leads you, and one of these days, I’d love to meet you on my way coming or going to my brothers down in Salem!

  • Deborah Ivanoff

    Thank you so much for checking in, Debbie. It’s so great to hear from you, hear about what is showing up in your life!

    I’m glad you’ve found some local support. It’s so very important that we have some (trusted) outer eyes to help us with the journey, I’ve found. I don’t think there’s a time moritorium on being “muddled”. I think we crack and open when we’re “ripe” and ready to do the “work” of Clarity and (new) Choice. So now is just your time? And what better time than this, eh?

    Yes, I do hope we get to meet up in person. I would love the opportunity to greet the love and light that is called “Debbie Lennon” in person. I have no future “plans” for the future, over and above caring for myself as it sounds you are caring for you. And I have no doubt that when it’s in the best interest of both of us (for our growth) and the growth of the world, we will find ourselves together in the same time and space. 🙂

    In the meantime, my very best wishes for you, your life, your business, your journey. I support you in the clearings you are are embracing, and know you will find real value in a lighter, clearer “you”! So great to hear from you. Thanks again for checking in.