What Did My Client Want After 8 Years?

It’s been a stressful week here in the states. I made sure my door was open for those who needed support. But I was surprised when a participant in a class I offered 8 years ago reached out to ask, “Do you still have the handouts from the Blueprint For Your Success course you offered […]



How To Make Your Changes Stick

No time to slow down? Need a way to make your changes, and make them stick “on the run”. Then I’d like to share with you the way to make the changes you want without ever having to slow down. In fact, this way will actually help you make your changes more quickly and easily, […]



These 3 Things May Be Preventing The Changes You Want

“Your fear of change is your fear of losing control. And your fear of losing control is your fear of losing your reality” Christy Marie Sheldon Have you ever set about a change, been really fired up about it, only to get undermined┬áby something unexpected that made you feel like the world was conspiring against […]

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