Author and Speaker

Deborah Ivanoff, the BEING COACH, is an author, certified mediator and Master Business Coach.

For nearly two decades, Deborah has worked with over 4000 realtors, executives and entrepreneurs across the globe; guiding them to get what they want by aligning their “inner game” with their outer actions.

Her tried and true methods get right to the heart of what’s troubling; to quickly resolve the resistance and emotional tug-of-war of overwhelm, procrastination, anxiety, worry, and doubt, that always shows up during the change process, so that people can again move forward without delay!

You’re going to love her engaging attitude and the blend of sensibility, insight, and inspiration she always brings to any group.

Inquire by emailing or calling 503-908-0390.

Topics Frequently Requested:

  • 3 Steps to Overcome Emotional Sabotage At Work and Home
  • Everyday Courage At Work and Home
  • How to Recognize If You Are a Reluctant Hero (and what to do about it)
  • 3 Ways To End Procrastination For Good!
  • One Weird Trick of the Highly Successful
  • Manifest At Light Speed
  • 5 Sure-Fire Networking Strategies to Catapult Your Success
  • The Truth About Client Retention In 5 Little Words
  • Best “Fear of Rejection” Cure Secrets Revealed
  • Overcome The Terror of Cold Calling
  • What You Should Do When You Feel Like You’re A Fraud
  • 3 Secrets to Getting What You Want
  • 3 Best Practices for Powerful Listening
  • How to Master Your Inner Game To Enjoy Outer Success
  • Resolve People Problems, Strategies From a Professional Mediator
  • 5 Pillars of Networking
  • How To Get People To Do What You Want
  • How To Make More Good Stuff Happen
  • Reclaim Confidence
  • Calming Your Inner Critic
  • Secrets To Escape Money Mayhem


Deborah Ivanoff, The BEING Coach, joins Thach Nguyen, Seattle Developer and Ron Patulski, Vice President of MAPS Coaching at Keller Williams Realty International, to teach REALTORs in Seattle how to release stressful thoughts and overcome old patterning.

“I’ve come to rely on Deborah Ivanoff, The BEING Coach, as a favorite speaker at our I Take The Lead meetings. I highly recommend Deborah as a speaker, facilitator and coach. She is a pleasure to work with and always chooses topics that are of interest to a wide variety of professionals. her presentation skills, along with her ability to keep the audience engaged, are phenomenal.”
Becky Tengwall, President, I Take The Lead Franchise Corp


“The workshop was fantastic! It is rare to go to a presentation and hear the number of “aha moments” which were reported.”
Bonny Nickens


“LOVED the sense of relief and centering around a subject that usually brings fear & frustration” Grace LaConte


“The training at the beginning was AWESOME! I have been to a lot of cold-calling seminars and none of them explained cold-calling in the way that you did, which honestly helped me immediately re-frame the process. I will admit it right here and now – I have NEVER liked cold-calling. Networking? Love it. Cold calling? Hate it. But now I’m actually excited to pick up the phone. Seriously good reframing job you did. (And you can quote me.)”
Mark Hiatt, President, Your Networking Universe



FAQs for Presentations by Deborah Ivanoff, The BEING Coach

What do you need for us to do before you arrive?

In most cases I will ask you to make copies of a handout I will use as part of my presentation to promote learning.

Will you promote the event too?

Absolutely, I always share (unless requested not to) my activities on my website and social media to give everyone a bit of an extra boost!

Do you need AV equipment? Other equipment?

I like to work with a white board that can be plainly seen by those in the audience. Tear out large paper pad can work as well, with tape to “pin” to the wall.

I need good (or new), clean markers that can be plainly seen.

I’ll ask for a volunteer from the audience to help me write notes on the board.

What if someone wants to connect with you after the presentation?

I will leave behind a stack of card that can be shared at the speaker booker’s discretion. I am easily reached through any/all of the major social media platforms and at

I am happy to answer brief questions relating to my presentation, at not charge.

Do you charge for travel time/mileage?

If I must travel over 20 miles (from 97267) I charge .50/mile (if driving) plus 25/hour traveling time OR taxi/bus/train/air fare, hotel and perdiem 50/day.

What will a presentation cost?

My presentations range from free Lunch & Learns to custom created workshop/presentation/facilitation. Call me at 503-908-0390 so we can discuss the needs of your group. I’m happy to speak with you about a presentation type, topic and format that fits your needs.