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Having once overcome financial ruin, the fight for custody of my children, and a 7-year divorce, I’ve learned, exactly, how to reclaim my own power and connection to my inner authority.

I’ve learned how to encourage miracles and speed up the manifestation process. And I bring those same secrets to my work with professionals wanting to align their own inner world with their outer actions to speed and increase the effectiveness of their results in their business and life.


Since 1998, I have worked with thousands of men and women, helping them get unstuck from what they no longer want, so they can reconnect to their own, authentic power to generate fresh, effective actions that keep them on track to their goals and dreams while utilizing and nurturing their spiritual relationship with God/Spirit/Source.

Every situation, whether we like it, or it doesn’t feel good, carries within it the seed to multiply its gift or to find the solution to its problem. We each decide if and how we want to use the guidance contained within our thoughts, feelings and actions we experience in reaction or response to the situation.

Life offers it’s gentle invitation to expand through the events, situations, triumphs and challenges. We are free to choose, to answer or decline.

Good coaching can make the difference between recognizing and utilizing the guidance within a situation, or defaulting to old, recurring patterns that clearly do not serve us, remaining as we were.

Every situation can be a sacred conversation between you, who you are and who you are becoming, and the Divine whether you call that energy God, the Universe, Higher Power, Source, Goddess, Spirit, or Love.

My own journey has led me through a Master Level Coaching certification, Masters in Spirituality with a focus on the purpose and effectiveness of the use of Ritual, and a PhD in Life Coaching with a concentration on how to support and aid both Transitions and Transformations.

Now I teach classes, coach men and women one-on-one, facilitate groups and travel to inspire audiences.

In 2006, I published The How To Make More Good Stuff Happen Play-Work-Book, written with my daughter to help tweens and their adults experiment with Law of Attraction and BEing principles.

I am currently active in my own community, home schooling two children, and supporting the Seattle-based Contribution Networking Party, The Gift. I am a teacher for, and active contributor to, the co-creative efforts of Quantum Spirit International, a coaches support and training organization.


I am a happily, single parent of two, teen home schoolers, enjoying life in beautiful Ashland, Oregon with an assortment of furry and feathered companions. Weekends find me curled up with a good book, gardening next to the pond, or hiking local mountains with my family and friends.


Deborah Ivanoff, The BEING Coach
Certified Master Coach

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PhD in Life Coaching, emphasis on Life Transitions and Transformations.

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