3 Quick Tips To Be The Goal, Have The Goal

“If you need it, you can’t have it. If you don’t need it, you can have all that you want…” Darel Rutherford

This is something one of my mentors used to say—still says. And it points to an interesting phenomenon. When you feel “needy” (you need something) you’re actually pointing to “not having it” (or lack). This anchors scarcity. And scarcity attracts more scarcity when you focus on it.

But if you identify what you want, and you come from the “being state” that you are whole, complete, more than enough already then there’s no lack, no scarcity. You don’t “need” anything. What you want is innately contained within who you are. And when you focus on how you already “are it”, more comes.

In fact, what you want often seems to come easily, almost like magic. It has to be an authentic awareness though. There’s no “faking out” the Universe.

“A place to pursue self-improvement and spiritual development is from already being the goal. When you allow yourself to accept at least the possibility that you are already whole and complete and enough as you are, it’s a much more powerful place to achieve great results. When you recognize that whatever you were seeking outside yourself is already within you as that which you are, self-recognition comes much more quickly and easily”.
Hale Dwoskin

So what can you do if you still feel like you need something—money, love, health and you honestly don’t feel like you have it (yet)? Here are my 3 short tips to help quiet the inner critic (who loves to focus on lack) and allow yourself to experience more flow of what you do want (focus on abundance).

  1. Make sure you have gotten to Clarity. Know what you want. Know why you want it.
  2. How could you, in any small (or large) way, invite yourself into seeing ways you already have the quality that lies beneath the “thing” you want. If it’s happiness, it’s an inner job. Same with love. Even much that contributes to health and comfort is in our own hands. It doesn’t have to take much for your focus to switch to what you do have. Keep looking for ways (it doesn’t have to cost money or involve other people) to enjoy more of that quality.
  3. Find a way to express gratitude that works for you. For some people it’s writing it down. For others it’s sharing it with a friend or in a mastermind. Resist the temptation to say to yourself “I’ll just do it in my head”. Find a way to make the gratitude anchored in the physical world to help pull and keep your focus in the physical world of what is coming into your experience.

Simple? Yes. Easy? Maybe not, but it’s a muscle. The more you practice, the more it becomes who you are. And when you are what you want to have, you can have all you want!

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